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Native iOS, Native Android, Mobile Web - MileForMile Platform

Cadence Sports

Web, Native iOS

Austin Marathon and Half Marathon

Native iOS, Mobile Web, Web - MileForMile Platform


Native iOS - iPad, Web

Be Well Walk


Seek God For The City

Native iOS

San Francisco Marathon

Native iOS, Native Android, Mobile Web - MileForMile Platform

Sum Estimatation

Native iOS


Personalized web and mobile development services from start to finish.

You have a great idea or maybe an intriguing dream, but no idea how to navigate application development. Brilliant will work with you to fine tune your concept and bring it to light.

Whether it's a responsive website, native mobile app, or proof of concept, our team will help you create a user driven experience that stands out from all the rest.

This is where the magic happens. Dive in with our team of developers, designers and information experts. Let's geek out. Pardon the dust.

After thoroughly testing and training, we deploy a Brilliant product that will earn you loads of bragging rights. But don't worry, we'll never leave you hanging. We always support what we build.

However you engage with your customers, we've got you covered.

We're passionate about endurance sports, so we built an industry leading mobile platform for everyone that likes pain as much as we do. Learn more about it HERE!

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A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll!

Located in the live music capital of the world, I guess you could say we're a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll. We're bigger than independent freelancers, but we're definitely not a large agency. We have structure where we need it, and flexibility when it counts.

We have learned over the years of doing development, that a "one size fits all" model does not work when determining a price for our services. Each one of our quotes is custom and based on the individual requirements of the project.

We focus on exceeding our client's expectations and leave the freelancer uncertainty and big agency overhead to the other guys.

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Outstanding Products and Support!

I have known Brant for several years and have worked on several projects with him. He puts great effort into understanding his customers' business processes and needs and goes to great lengths to deliver outstanding products and support. Brant is a very personable and technically skilled individual.

Q Factor Consulting

Rewarding and Fun!

I've worked with Brant on many cross-departmental projects. Most recently, Brant and I worked on developing an Inventory Universe in Business Objects. Brant had a keen interest in understanding the business reasons for how data would be used and strove to organize the universe to maxamize efficiency and flexibility.

Abbott Laboratories

Top-Notch Customer Service!

I used Brilliant Solutions, Inc. to develop a complex, multi-field database that was user-friendly. The product I got back was just what I needed, tailored to fit my precise specifications. The customer service provided by Brilliant Solutions was top-notch.


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